Neuron celebrates top moments in 2022!

2022 has been a tremendous year for us as we make further inroads to change how people travel for the better

This year, our riders took 8 million trips and clocked over 15 million KMs. That’s almost 375 times around the Earth! According to our recent research, 45% of these journeys have directly replaced a car trip, resulting in 1,100 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided in 2022 alone. We’ve also expanded in 15 cities, including the addition of 8 new cities, cementing our position as the only micromobility operator in every Australian state and Canada’s fastest-growing operator. 

With our year-end festive safety campaigns still to come, we take a ride down memory lane to revisit some of our 2022 highlights:


As most of our Canadian cities wind down for winter, our markets in the southern hemisphere go into their busiest summer season! It was a busy month of expansions as we introduced e-scooters to Yeppoon in Australia and increased our riding areas for Brisbane and Lethbridge (Canada)!


Did you know that globally, more than two in three Neuron trips result in a purchase at a local business? In Australia, that equates to enabling an estimated A$448m in annual spending, providing a boost to local economies. Key findings like these were released with ‘Shared Rides, Shared Wealth’, our 2022 Prosperity Report which demonstrated the economic benefits of Neuron e-scooters. 

In our relentless commitment to safety, we also celebrated our second Helmet Safety Awareness Week with a social media contest for our riders, and hit our 20 million KM milestone in Australia!


We celebrated back-to-school season in the UK with experiential student ScootSafe™ events which were held in conjunction with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). New riders and youth not only got to try out Neuron e-scooters but also vision  loss simulation glasses, which allowed riders to put themselves in the shoes of visually-impaired road users, encouraging them to park and ride responsibly. 

At the same time, Australia also saw riding area and fleet expansions in Ballarat and Canberra, allowing locals and tourists to see more and do more.


Meaningful partnerships are a part of what we do to create a positive impact on our cities. In August, we partnered with Launch Housing, Melbourne’s largest specialist homelessness organisation, as part of National Homelessness Week in Australia. Case workers were offered free e-scooter use, helping them move between offices and supporting their outreach to the homeless community.

Happy third anniversary Brisbane! Neuron became the city’s longest-serving micromobility operator, and we are grateful for the continued trust and support of Brisbane City Council and our wonderful riders. In Canada, our riders rode up a storm surpassing two million KMs travelled.


ScootSafe™ Academy went live! Our online rider education platform is a one-stop shop for city-specific riding rules, interactive quizzes and games, and rider incentives. In an industry-first, it can also deliver targeted training to those who have broken the rules with modules specific to their riding or parking offences. In Australia, we partnered Recovery Your Way to provide equal employment opportunities to people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

We also launched our safety-first e-scooters in Airdrie, Neuron’s sixth Canadian city and fourth in Alberta.


June was a month of expansions! Our e-scooters and e-bikes landed in new areas in Sydney, Rockhampton and Calgary! For greater convenience, we also integrated with Google Maps in Canada, allowing riders to better plan their trips.

E-scooters are an important part of the transport mix and can help relieve the pressure from public transport networks during large-scale events. In Australia, we teamed up with organisers of the North Australian Festival of Arts (a month-long signature arts festival held annually in Townsville) once again to promote safety, reduce congestion and improve traffic flow. 


Safety takes the centre stage in May with Road Safety Week! This year’s theme was “Safer Streets for All” and together with our national safety partners, Blind Citizens Australia, RNIB, and Thomas Pocklington Trust, we developed a series of light-hearted safety videos and rider education guidelines to highlight how riders can do their part to be considerate of all road users, including the visually-impaired, those with guide dogs, wheelchair users and the elderly. 

We also released our inaugural Impact Report ‘Meeting Micromobility’s Potential’ to detail the positive impact we make on the local community, and announce ambitious targets to become Carbon Negative by 2025


Our series B funding round was announced and we raised a total of US$43.5 million. These funds have since gone on to fuel our expansion efforts, and research and development of our proprietary e-scooters.

In the same month, e-bikes landed in Sydney and in the Canadian cities of Lethbridge and Vernon, giving locals a new way to get around!


We rolled out Neuron Access, our global equity and accessibility programme. This includes introducing heavily discounted Concession Passes for low-income users in hopes to reduce the barriers to mobility options.


Hello, Melbourne, Perth and Rockhampton! It was a short but exciting month as we launched e-scooters in two Australian cities, and e-bikes in Christchurch. We also officially integrated with Google Maps to promote multi-modal commute.


We presented our first, formally-endorsed Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in Australia. This marked the beginning of Neuron’s reconciliation journey, and we remain committed to taking tangible steps towards the reconciliation of the nation.

We also launched our distinctive orange e-bikes in Frankston, our second city in Victoria, Australia!

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