Neuron N3

Neuron N3 e-scooter

Our next generation N3 e-scooter is the first commercial-grade electric scooter specially created for the sharing economy. Whether you’re using it for the daily commute or to explore the city, the N3 has been designed and built for a safer, smarter and more sustainable ride.

Extra Sanitisation​

During COVID-19, we have implemented a range of measures to keep our e-scooters clean and reduce risks. These include sanitisation teams working around the clock, armed with hospital-grade disinfectant, to keep our e-scooters germ-free. Measures have also been introduced to protect our staff, these include extra sanitisation practices, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and revised illness and travel policies.

Built for Safety

With a rugged design and many high-tech safety features, our e-scooters are made for a safer and more comfortable ride.

  • App-controlled Helmet Lock to secure a safety helmet to e-scooters between trips
  • Emergency Button feature which detects accidents and helps riders call the emergency services
  • Topple Detection to alert our operations team if an e-scooter has fallen on its side
  • Voice Guidance to educate and warn riders of how to ride safely
  • Solid 11.5-inch silicone tyres, suitable for all terrain
  • 21cm wide deck for enhanced stability and comfort
  • Dual mechanical and electrical brakes to tackle hilly ground
  • Rigourous e-scooter service checks every three days

Built for Sustainability

Our e-scooters are designed to be operated efficiently. Just like our global operations our e-scooters are Carbon Neutral, they are emission free and charged using 100% renewable energy. Charged batteries are easily replaced on the streets rather than e-scooters having to be taken away for recharging.

  • Rugged design for greater e-scooter longevity
  • E-scooter designed for battery swapping
  • Battery capacity 60% larger than many other e-scooters
  • Approximate mileage range of 60 km
  • Designed in-house and purpose-built for renting and sustainable operation

Built for Smarter Rides

Ride stress-free with our smart display and internet of things (IoT) technology that will do the work for you.

  • The N3 is a cutting-edge, fully-connected, e-scooter
  • GPS-enabled to work only in permitted riding zones
  • Geolocation to control slow-zones, no-go zones, no-parking zones

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