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Safety is at the heart of our company, it drives everything we do. We design and manufacture our own e-scooters specifically for safety and sharing. We have developed a whole raft of safety features including the world’s first app-controlled Helmet Lock which secures a helmet to e-scooters between trips.


Designing our own e-scooters, and
the system that manages them, means
we can continually innovate to drive the industry forward. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of geolocation or sharing information on what works and what doesn’t, we are focused on improving the experience for councils and riders.


Our e-scooters produce zero carbon emissions, making our rides better for the environment than many other forms of transport. We were the first company to deploy battery-swapping e-scooters for efficient operations. Our e-scooters are an energy-efficient, inexpensive option that help reduce city congestion.

For Cities

Considering shared e-scooters for your city? Here’s what you need to know about how we partner with cities.

N3 e-scooter

Our latest and safest e-scooter, designed and built for safety and sharing.

How to ride

New to Neuron? Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to kick-start your next scooter ride. It’s that simple.


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Otherwise you may email us at the following:
Scooter Service issues: feedback@neuron.sg
For Cities enquiries : cities@neuron.sg
Marketing or Partnership enquiries: marketing-neuron@neuron.sg
Media enquiries: media@neuron.sg
Media enquiries (UK): UKmedia@neuron.sg
General enquiries: info@neuron.sg
Privacy enquiries: privacy@neuron.sg

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