Neuron riders travel 20 million kilometres across Australia!

The impressive distance travelled by riders signals micromobility as an increasingly integral part of the transport mix.

Recently, we reached the impressive milestone of 20 million kilometres travelled on our e-scooters and e-bikes in Australia – the equivalent to going to the moon and back 26 times. The collective distance travelled by our riders is a testament to the incredible growth of micromobility in just a few short years. 

Starting with 600 e-scooters in Brisbane, we now have over 8,000 e-scooters and e-bikes across Australia, and we’re the only micromobilty operator in every Australian capital city. 

Here are some of the ways our riders have contributed positively to the communities we operate in;

  • 65% of our riders started or ended their trip by making a purchase at a local business 
  • One in ten trips wouldn’t have happened if e-scooters weren’t available, meaning businesses would have missed out on valuable sales  
  • Thousands of riders rode a Neuron device to get their Covid-19 vaccination when we pledged $100,000 toward free trips to vaccination centres in July 2021
  • Our riders saved an estimated 1,4600 tonnes of COemissions by choosing to ride a Neuron device over a car.
  • Thousands of riders have learnt how to ride responsibly through our ScootSafe events, safe riding campaigns, in-app messaging and our industry-first  online riding school ScootSafe Academy

We are really proud of some of our company achievements we have made over our journey to date;

  • We are the first and only micromobility company in Australia to have a Reconciliation Action Plan formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.
  • We launched our first impact report earlier this year, detailing an ambitious sustainability strategy and our commitment to be carbon negative by 2025. This commitment follows our Carbon Neutral certification last year and pledge to help reach Net Zero by 2040.
  • We remain committed to the safety of our riders with a number of rider education campaigns developed in consultation with our national safety partners from the Australian Road Safety Foundation and Blind Citizens Australia.
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