Neuron and Launch Housing unite for National Homelessness Week!

We’re thrilled to provide free e-scooter use for Launch Housing staff, alongside a joint campaign reminding riders how to take action if they scoot past someone sleeping rough.

This National Homelessness Week in Australia (1-7 August), we’re pleased to announce our partnership with Launch Housing, Melbourne’s largest Specialist Homelessness Organisation.

As part of the partnership, we are providing Launch Housing staff with unlimited, free Neuron rides in Melbourne. Our e-scooter passes allow their case workers and other staff to have sustainable, convenient and free transport, so they can move between offices and undertake outreach with the homeless community. The passes are also a wellbeing initiative for a team working in a challenging industry, providing them with an opportunity to enjoy travelling via e-scooter in their day to day life. 

Launch Housing is an independent Melbourne-based community organisation passionately committed to ending homelessness. Over 400 staff across 15 locations in metropolitan Melbourne work around the clock with the shared belief that there is no person who can’t be housed, and there’s no community that can’t end homelessness.

During National Homelessness Week, we will also be reminding riders how they can take action if they see someone sleeping rough while they are scooting around the city. Neuron’s in-app messaging will present riders with the opportunity to be directed to the Launch Housing website, where they can access information on how they can help in the moment and also create long term change.

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