Neuron Celebrates a Fantastic 2023

2023 has been an exciting year for Neuron as we continue to provide an inclusive, sustainable and accessible transportation solution in cities globally.

In 2023, our riders across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK clocked up over 15 million kilometres. That’s like going to the moon and back 20 times. And 46% of these journeys replaced a car trip, saving an estimated 1125 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

In our 35 cities globally we continued our commitment to provide an inclusive and accessible transportation solution. We analysed how the adoption, usage and perception of e-scooters differ between men and women in our 2023 Report Bridging the E-scooter Gender Gap finding that 40% of our riders are women. Our research also found 5% of our riders have a disability or mobility impairment, and Neuron’s e-scooters have empowered them to travel further and more frequently. Our research continues to provide valuable insights into how cities can make safer and more inclusive micromobility programmes for all.

Throughout 2023 we have continued our leadership in technology.  In April we introduced our Augmented Reality (AR) Parking Assistant to enhance parking compliance in cities where designated parking stations are in effect. Powered by Google’s ARCore Visual Positioning System (VPS), the AR Parking Assistant complements the use of GPS to more accurately locate Neuron vehicles so they are parked precisely within a parking station. 

In May we also launched our all-new N4 e-scooter in Australia. Designed in-house to deliver unparalleled comfort and stability, the N4 delivers a smoother, faster and more predictable acceleration, and best-in-class hill climbing ability.

Of course, we didn’t forget about safety. Throughout 2023 we regularly ran initiatives to promote safety, including both online and in-person safety events. To round out the year we are currently running our third-annual Festive ScootSafe campaign to further promote safe riding over the summer holidays. Earlier in the year, we renewed our commitment to promote “Safer Streets for All” durinUN Road Safety Week in May, and we provided extra education initiatives and incentives that can help to increase helmet use during Helmet Safety Awareness Week in September.  We also continued to run ScootSafe events in all of our cities, and thousands of riders visited our online riding school ScootSafe Academy for incentivised city-specific training materials.

We’d like to say a big thank you to our wonderful cities, and loyal riders, for their continued trust and support. We look forward to sharing many more exciting journeys with them over the coming year.