Neuron research highlights positive impact of e-scooters on riders with disabilities or mobility impairments!

5% of our riders around the world have a disability or mobility impairment and e-scooters have significantly improved their urban accessibility

Our e-scooters play a valuable role in providing a reliable transport option for the daily commute, especially for 5% of Neuron riders who have a disability or mobility impairment. The number may seem relatively small, but it represents a significant portion of our riders around the world and it underscores the importance of ensuring that rental e-scooters are accessible to all.

Our research, which includes findings from Neuron’s global rider surveys, highlighted how rental e-scooters have significantly improved their urban accessibility, helping them make trips they would not otherwise have made (22%). The disability and mobility issues cited ranged from temporary injuries to chronic back, leg or joint pain and conditions like hip dysplasia, scoliosis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, multiple sclerosis, asthma and more.

Riders with a disability or mobility impairment were more reliant on e-scooters than the average of all riders for productive journeys like running errands (44% vs 28%), commuting (44% vs 34%), going to appointments (34% vs 20%), connecting to public transport (29% vs 20%), and many also used them for leisure or recreation (53% vs 71%). This highlights the importance of e-scooters in providing a convenient and reliable transport option for individuals who may sometimes face barriers to mobility.

We are also launching a focus group for riders with mobility issues to make the service better and easier for them to use. The new initiative will complement our efforts including partnerships with road safety and disability advocacy groups, a Disability Advisory Board to promote safety for the broader community, and Neuron Access, our global equity and accessibility program, which offers heavily discounted passes for riders currently enrolled in an applicable disability or government support program.

We look forward to gathering feedback on our service with the aim of making it as safe and accessible as possible for all riders in the community.

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