Neuron launches third Helmet Safety Awareness Week with national road safety partners!

Our road safety partners share their top reasons for helmet use and why they are the single most important way for riders to protect themselves

We are launching our third-annual Helmet Safety Awareness Week on Monday 18 September in partnership with Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF), Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) in Canada, Brake New Zealand and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in the UK. 

Safety is a cornerstone of Neuron’s business and with international research showing that 28% of e-scooter injuries occur to the head or neck, Neuron and their partners are calling for all riders to remember to put on a helmet. During the campaign there will be extra education initiatives and incentives that can help to increase helmet awareness and use.

Here are the top five compelling reasons to wear a helmet:

  1. Enhancing Personal Safety: Wearing a helmet significantly reduces the risk of sustaining a severe injury by an impressive 70%. It acts as your reliable safeguard, offering crucial protection in the event of an unforeseen accident.
  2. Legal Compliance and Financial Savings: Embracing helmets isn’t just a personal choice; in many cities around the world it’s also a legal requirement. By wearing a helmet, you not only follow the law but also avoid heavy fines, ensuring journeys remain safe, legal and also budget-friendly.
  3. Increased Visibility for All: Beyond personal safety, helmets serve as a means of increasing your visibility on the road. Bright helmets ensure that you’re noticed by fellow commuters, contributing to safer shared spaces.
  4. Protection from the Weather: Helmets are not just for impact protection; they also shield you from the elements. Whether it’s rain, wind, or harsh sunlight, your helmet acts as a reliable barrier, making your rides comfortable regardless of the weather.
  5. Leading by Example: As a responsible road user, you hold the power to set a positive precedent for others. By donning your helmet, you inspire a culture of safety-conscious behaviour, making streets safer for everyone.

In 2020 Neuron launched the world’s first app-controlled Helmet Lock which integrates a helmet to every e-scooter and e-bike. Riders are encouraged to take an in-app ‘Helmet Selfie’ before their trip and earn free credits as well as visit our online ScootSafe Academy for more incentives by completing city-specific training content.