Neuron unveils Augmented Reality Parking Assistant for enhanced parking compliance!

Powered by Google’s ARCore Visual Positioning System, the AR Parking Assistant will complement GPS to more accurately pinpoint the location of our vehicles

We are introducing our new AR Parking Assistant to help riders park responsibly while improving their end-of-trip experience. Powered by Google’s ARCore Visual Positioning System (VPS), the new feature will complement GPS to further enhance parking compliance in select cities with Neuron’s designated parking model which only allows riders to end their trips at one of many convenient parking stations located across the service area. 

When AR Parking Assistant is activated, riders will be prompted to scan their surroundings using their mobile phone camera through the Neuron app. Distinguishing landmarks such as street signs or buildings, the scanned images will be compared against Google’s Street View database to determine a precise location. Once the location check has been completed, riders who are not within a parking station will be directed to one nearby before the trip can end.

The system works with Neuron’s end-of-trip photo feature which requires a rider to photograph and upload an image of their e-scooter to ensure the vehicle is parked upright and in the correct manner. Collectively, these features will more precisely control where and how Neuron’s e-scooters are  parked in the city and will increase user experience and parking compliance.

We have conducted user testing of the AR Parking Assistant in early 2023 in a number of cities worldwide. It is currently available in Perth, Busselton and select areas of Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia. The system has been well received by riders and we are seeing over 95% parking compliance in cities where the technology has been introduced.

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