Neuron launches its latest Impact Report to highlight the positive impact on the community!

Read full report here

We are thrilled to launch our latest Impact Report which shows how we are driving positive change in the communities we operate in. The report also outlines our progress in becoming Carbon Negative by 2025 while quantifying the economic benefits of e-scooters and how Neuron is reducing mobility barriers for all.

We clocked over 9 million trips in 2022 with 45% of all trips replacing a car journey, eliminating 1,205 metric tonnes of CO2. We also conducted an in-depth analysis of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in 2021 to create a baseline for future measurements. In a first for the industry, we also designed and manufactured our latest e-scooter, the all-new N4 e-scooter, with 80% recycled aluminium.

For the first time, we quantified the significant economic contribution our operations are making in the cities we serve. Globally, seven in 10 Neuron trips resulted in a purchase at a local business, and in Australia, this translated to each e-scooter contributing a massive spending of $70,000 each year. 

To create meaningful employment opportunities for people from a diverse range of backgrounds, Neuron worked closely with non-profit organisations including Workskil Australia, Recovery Your Way and Killara Foundation among others.

Providing a new perspective on e-scooter riders, we highlighted how 5% of Neuron users have a disability or mobility impairment. More riders are also benefiting from heavily discounted or free concession passes as we continue to bring Neuron Access, our global equity and accessibility programme, to more parts of the world. 

Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We launched our online riding school, ScootSafe Academy, to gamify rider education and deliver refresher training for those who break the rules. We delivered a range of safety initiatives including our annual Global Road Safety Week, where we teamed up with our national road safety partners and leading sight-loss charities to create a series of rider education materials to promote “Safer Streets for All”.