Neuron kickstarts 2023 riding season in Ottawa!

We are returning with a new Augmented Reality (AR) Parking Assistant feature to aid riders in ending their trips responsibly within designated parking stations

After a winter hiatus, Neuron’s safety-first e-scooters are back on Ottawa’s streets for the 2023 riding season! From May 18, e-scooters will be available throughout the city, providing Ottawa residents and visitors with safe access to a convenient and environmentally-friendly transport alternative. 

To kickstart the new season, riders will also be reeducated on their local riding rules. Through our online ScootSafe Academy, those who take part in incentivized quizzes, videos and games can earn free credits for future rides. In an industry-first, the online safety school will also deliver targeted training modules to those who have broken the rules. Neuron partners with the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) to promote e-scooter safety and research in Canada.

Neuron’s e-scooters are equipped with a range of pioneering safety innovations including: world’s first integrated helmets; voice guidance; topple detection; a 911 emergency button, and a ‘Follow my Ride’ function for added peace of mind. Advanced geofencing technology will also control where e-scooters are ridden and parked, and how fast they can travel in certain areas. We will also be launching Neuron’s new Augmented Reality (AR) Parking Assistant which will aid riders in ending their trips responsibly within designated parking stations conveniently located across the service area.

With locals and visitors clocking over 330,000km, 41% of trips have replaced car journeys, eliminating 22 tonnes of CO2 emissions to date. The 2023 micromobility program is also well placed to continue supporting Ottawa’s economy with seven out of 10 trips resulting in a purchase, which is on average $32 per trip while each e-scooter contributes $5,600 to local businesses per year.

To ride a Neuron, simply unlock and use the e-scooters through our user-friendly app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and set up in a matter of minutes.

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