Neuron trials ‘Warning Noise’ in Canadian-first initiative to reassure accessibility community!

30 e-scooters in our Ottawa fleet will feature an Audio Vehicle Alert System during the trial

Neuron is always working to improve our safety and accessibility features. Following our Ottawa launch in June, we have now begun a Canadian-first trial designed to test the impact of an always-on Warning Noise in 30 e-scooters to help alert pedestrians that an e-scooter is approaching. The Audio Vehicle Alert System is particularly targeted toward those with vision loss, and will further support a safe pedestrian environment and riding experience for all. 

We worked closely with accessibility groups and the vision loss community to develop this trial, which will take place in Ottawa’s Little Italy neighbourhood. As part of the testing phase, we will survey riders, pedestrians, and the wider community to determine effectiveness. Neuron also welcomes feedback from the accessibility community as we continue to prioritise safety in everything we do. 

Some of the other safety features you can find on our e-scooters include: 

    • The “safety orange” colour which provides high-visibility particularly in an urban environment

    • Topple detection, which alerts Neuron’s operations team if an e-scooter has fallen who then prioritise it and reposition it safely 

    • Geofencing Control, which allows cities to implement slow-zones, no-go zones, no-parking zones and to incentivise parking in preferred areas

    • A bilingual Voice Guidance audio feature on the e-scooter that not only gives safety instructions to the rider but also advises pedestrians on how to contact Neuron’s customer service team

    • Braille and raised lettering, to identify the e-scooter and provide information on how to contact Neuron’s customer service team

    • ‘End of Trip’ photo, a feature which requires and incentivises riders to take and submit a photo of their parked e-scooter after each ride

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