Neuron arrives in Canada with Ottawa launch!

With a range of cutting-edge safety features never before seen in Canada, our industry leading e-scooters will be launching next month.

Our first location in Canada will launch over the coming month with e-scooters hitting Ottawa’s streets before we expand to other cities across the country. Ideal for Canadian riders, our latest and safest N3 e-scooter is designed specifically for safety and rental. 

Equipped with cutting-edge safety features and pioneering innovations, the e-scooters will be fitted with the world’s first app-controlled helmet lock, securing a helmet to every e-scooter in between trips, topple detection, a 911 emergency button, bilingual voice guidance to educate and warn riders on how to ride safely, and a “Follow my Ride” function, and many more features.

We will be focusing on safety, accessibility, and sustainability as we enter the Canadian market. Geofencing technology will control where the e-scooters can be ridden and parked, as well as how fast they can travel in different areas. Each e-scooter will also be fitted with a unique license plate for easy identification and to promote responsible use.

While the current Covid-19 restrictions are in place, eligible Public Health workers and Emergency Services staff will receive free monthly passes which can be redeemed in the app using an applicable work email address. There will also be a group rides feature which will allow up to five e-scooters to be unlocked with one smartphone which will benefit friends and family who wish to travel together.

Download the Neuron app on App Store or Google Play now!

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