Our e-scooters are back on Adelaide’s coast!

The distinctive orange e-scooters return with new operating hours from 6am to 6pm daily.

We are excited to announce our e-scooters will be back on the coastal paths of Adelaide’s Western Alliance cities starting today. The 250-strong e-scooter fleet will be active again in Charles Sturt, Port Adelaide Enfield and West Torrens, with a range of cutting-edge anti-viral measures to keep the e-scooters clean and help safeguard riders.

Our sanitisation teams will be working around the clock to keep e-scooters germ-free, using hospital-grade disinfectant, to kill a broad range of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. 

With the restrictions on travel now relaxing, we’re all looking for ways to support local businesses, particularly hard-hit restaurants and cafes. Our e-scooters are the perfect way to regain freedom, while also staying local!

Despite the reduced risk, we recommend that all riders continue to sanitise their hands before and after touching foreign surfaces and this includes our e-scooters. Also if you feel unwell, please don’t take a trip, instead seek medical advice.

Happy and safe scooting!

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