Neuron’s new report shows how e-scooters are supporting prosperity and accessibility in New Zealand

New Zealand's most comprehensive study on rental e-scooters finds 74% of Kiwi’s support making helmets mandatory for e-scooters to improve safety

We’re excited to launch a report titled Unlocking the Potential of E-Scooters in New Zealand: Supporting Prosperity and Accessibility. The research explores gender differences in e-scooter adoption, accessibility for people with disabilities, perceptions of safety, and also the environmental and economic benefits.

As well as the positive impact Neuron’s e-scooters are having on cities, the research also shows that nine out of 10 people in New Zealand believe rider and pedestrian safety is crucial when using an e-scooter. Surprisingly, 38% of New Zealanders were unsure as to whether helmets were required by law for e-scooter riders. Eight out of 10 people believe that helmets are very important, even though they are only ‘strongly advised’ rather than legally required in New Zealand.

To increase helmet use, 74% of New Zealanders believe helmets should be made mandatory, 55% believe rental e-scooter companies should provide helmets, 55% would like to see increased rider education, and 37% believe more incentives are needed to improve safety. 

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