Neuron Uses this Year’s Road Safety Week to Focus on Safe Sidewalks

During this year’s Road Safety Week, we are highlighting how riding and parking e-scooters responsibly can help make the footpaths safer for everyone

To mark our annual Road Safety Week, which starts on 5th May in Australia and the UK and later in the month in our other markets, we will be highlighting to riders how they can make footpaths (or sidewalks and pavements, depending on where you live) as safe as possible for the entire community. 

This year’s campaign will be run in collaboration with our fantastic safety and accessibility partners, including the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, the Australian Road Safety Foundation and the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB). 

The rules as to whether e-scooters should be ridden on the footpaths or roads vary from city to city. In Australia and Canada many cities allow footpath riding with some notable exceptions, like Melbourne for example. Whereas in the UK it is strictly prohibited and riders must stick to cycle lanes and low speed roads.

We will be reinforcing local footpath riding rules and parking etiquette through social media, rider communication, in-person activities, and our online ScootSafe Academy to make footpaths easier to navigate for pedestrians, particularly older people and those with disabilities.

Our e-scooters use a range of technologies, including our groundbreaking AR Parking Assistant, which uses augmented reality combined with geofencing and high-accuracy GPS to help riders find approved parking spots throughout our cities. These technologies, along with Neuron’s end-of-trip photo audit and our e-scooter topple detection, are just a few examples of cutting-edge technology we use to safely control our e-scooters.

Thank you to all of our riders who follow the rules. Let’s all continue to do our part in keeping our footpaths safe and accessible for everyone.