Neuron to launch e-scooters in the City of Vincent!

Neuron has been selected to provide e-scooters in the City of Vincent, further supporting sustainable transport in Perth.

We’re thrilled to announce that Neuron has been selected to provide e-scooters in the City of Vincent as part of a 12-month trial with the City of Vincent Council. The trial will launch with an initial 250 safety-first e-scooters on Thursday, November 9.

The riding area will cover Leerdevill, North Perth, Mount Hawthorn and Mount Lawley and will allow riders to travel between City of Vincent and City of Perth. Riders will also be able to access key destinations including HBF Park, Hyde Park, and Beatty Park Leisure Centre. 

The trial will launch with Neuron’s safety-first e-scooters which launched in Perth CBD in March 2023. 

Riders will benefit from visibly larger 11.5” wheels, wider footplates and an app-controlled Helmet Lock and geofencing technology to control where e-scooters are ridden and parked, and how fast they can travel in certain areas. Other features include a topple detection, a 000 emergency button; voice guidance and a Follow My Ride feature.

Users can visit our online riding school, ScootSafe Academy, for their local riding rules and earn free credits for future rides. Our Safety Ambassadors will also be out in greater numbers at key areas of the city to equip new riders with the confidence to safely ride and park our vehicles.

Riders will be able to unlock and use the e-scooters through Neuron’s user-friendly app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. 

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