Neuron partners with RAC to launch a series of ScootSafe Workshops promoting e-scooter safety in Perth!

Neuron, proudly supported by RAC, will run a series of ScootSafe workshops, aimed at helping riders to build confidence, and learn how to ride safely.

We’re running a series of  ScootSafe Workshops that will provide in-person training for e-scooter riders. The safety-focused workshops are facilitated by Neuron’s industry leading Safety Ambassadors, and are proudly supported by RAC.

The workshop series is aimed at first-time riders or those who need a refresher and will teach participants how to get started, and ride in a protected and supportive environment. Attendees will learn e-scooter skills including how to turn, break and park. They will also be educated on the WA riding rules and taught how to share the path with pedestrians.

The series will kick off with 8 workshops delivered at various locations across November and December. Over the summer and festive period, e-scooters are typically used by more people, some of whom will be new to e-scooters. ScootSafe Workshops will help participants be ready to scoot confidently and safely while following WA’s riding rules. 

Workshops are completely FREE and to help riders continue to practise their skills, all participants will receive a $20 Neuron credit. The first round of workshops will be held on the following dates and locations, with more to be announced soon. 

  • Grindleford Reserve, Saturday November 12, 10am – 11am
  • Charles Riley Reserve, Tuesday November 15, 5pm – 6pm
  • Abbett Park, Thursday November 17, 3pm – 4pm
  • Grindleford Reserve, Saturday November 19, 10am – 11am
  • Charles Riley Reserve, Tuesday November 22, 5pm – 6pm
  • Abbett Park, Thursday November 24, 6pm – 7pm

*There’s a limited number of spots available in each session

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