Neuron launches safety-first e-bikes in Brisbane with free morning commutes!

Our service area in Brisbane will also be expanded for both e-bikes and e-scooters

Neuron’s safety-first e-bikes have hit Brisbane’s streets with a fleet of 400 e-bikes available to hire across the CBD and surrounding areas from 22 July. The launch will complement Neuron’s existing e-scooter programme and both options offer a safe, convenient and socially-distanced way to travel.

The launch of e-bikes has also seen an additional 100 e-scooters added to our current fleet bringing the total up from 900 to 1,000, as well as an expansion in the riding area for both e-scooters and e-bikes to include Hamilton, East Brisbane, Stones Corner, Indooroopilly and Rosalie.

The introduction of e-bikes will provide Brisbanites with a multi-modal choice based on their preference and length of trip. The pedal-assisted e-bikes may be preferred over e-scooters for longer journeys as riders are able to travel using dedicated bike lanes, and low speed roads. The introduction of e-bikes will also provide riders with greater access to sustainable transport options, reducing the reliance on cars for short journeys.

To support the city’s recovery, and to encourage riders to ditch their cars, Neuron is providing free morning commutes between 7am – 9am on weekdays for the first month. This will provide residents with a safe, sustainable and socially-distanced way to commute to work.

Up until the end of the month we will also be matching the remaining credit on Lime riders’ accounts (to a maximum of $20). To redeem the offer, simply download the Neuron app and follow the prompts on Lime credit transfer. 

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