Neuron launches online ScootSafe Academy to raise the bar on rider safety and education!

Riders can access fun, interactive rider education content developed in consultation with our national road safety partners to earn free credits

We are thrilled to be launching ScootSafe Academy, Neuron’s interactive, online riding school with city-specific, training content that helps to educate riders, and also deliver targeted training modules to those who have broken the rules. The platform will provide riders in all our markets access to educational videos, quizzes, and games to help improve rider behaviour, and in turn, improve e-scooter and e-bike safety.

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In a first for the industry, ScootSafe Academy will go beyond traditional rider education platforms, introducing targeted education aimed at improving the behaviour of riders who have broken the rules. For example, those temporarily suspended or reported for unsafe riding or bad parking will be sent a warning and also targeted training modules specific to their violation. These include topics ranging from responsible parking, safe conduct, and a Master Quiz to refresh their knowledge on the main dos and don’ts when riding with Neuron.

Our riders can access the ScootSafe Academy through the Neuron App or via our website. By watching safety videos and attempting various quizzes on how to ride and park safely, users will receive free credits towards their future rides. The ScootSafe Game serves as a recap and tests riders on all they’ve learned – answer simple trivia questions correctly, and collect “coins” and “power ups” to improve your score!

Developed in consultation with our national road safety partners, ScootSafe Academy serves as an important digital extension of Neuron’s popular in-person #ScootSafe events, which last year trained thousands of people at 108 events worldwide. The platform will replace our in-app Safety Centre, which has helped tens of thousands of riders familiarise themselves with their local riding rules.