Neuron launches inaugural global Helmet Safety Awareness Week!

We're giving our riders even more reasons to put on a helmet and protect themselves with prizes and more incentives

Helmet Safety Awareness Week 2021 (1-10 October) is Neuron’s first annual global safety campaign dedicated towards promoting the importance of wearing a helmet. Across all our markets, we’ve teamed up with our national safety partners, Councils and the Police to promote helmet use and safe riding.

During the campaign, you’ll see #ScootSafe events organised across our cities, riders can earn more incentives when they take an in-app ‘Helmet Selfie’ and we’ll also be running a ‘Wear a Helmet Challenge competition on Instagram. Participants with the best photo submission of themselves wearing Neuron’s helmet stand to win free passes.

We’ve also commissioned our own national Helmet Safety Polls during September 2021, with over 7,000 respondents in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada. Nine out of 10 (99% in Australia, 98% in New Zealand, 83% in the UK and 91% in Canada) say it is “important” for e-scooter riders to wear helmets. This is consistent in Korea where 99% of respondents felt that enforcement of helmet use is “necessary” during our earlier poll in May 2021.

Safety is Neuron’s number one priority and with international research showing that 28% of e-scooter injuries occur to the head or neck, we recognise that greater education and incentives to increase helmet use should be the responsibility of every operator.

Helmet Safety Awareness Week is #ScootSafe like you’ve never seen before – so put on your helmets and fasten your straps, cause we’re about to take you for a ride!

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