Neuron furthers leadership in e-scooter safety with Korean launch!

Safety takes center stage as Neuron’s Korean-spec e-scooters hit the streets of Gangnam-gu.

With stricter regulations to come on May 13, all e-scooter riders in Korea will soon be required to hold a driver’s licence and wear a safety helmet or risk a fine. Perfect timing for our distinctive orange e-scooters which recently launched in Seoul. They are equipped with a range of world-first and pioneering safety innovations including Helmet Lock which integrates a helmet that will enable riders to protect themselves and follow the law.

In an exclusive interview with Korea’s leading business broadsheet, the Chosun Ilbo, our CEO Zachary Wang shared how Neuron differentiates itself through partnerships with cities, safety and technological innovation. With new regulations being introduced, as well as a fast-growing e-scooter market, it’s the ideal time to bring Neuron’s safety-leading e-scooters, and collaborative ways of working to Korea.

Our CTO Harry Yu also spoke with startup publication Bloter and technology media Electronic Times to highlight some of Neuron’s pioneering safety features including an integrated helmet, topple detection, 119 Emergency Button and more. Partnering closely with local authorities, geofencing technology will also be used to create low-speed, parking and no-parking zones for safer rides.

We are incredibly grateful for the support at launch day and took to the streets to find out what people had to say about their first impressions of our safety-first e-scooters!

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