Neuron e-scooters have arrived in Townsville!

We are bringing our distinctive orange e-scooters to North Queensland

Neuron’s N3 e-scooters will soon hit the streets of Townsville starting 26 September! The 250-strong fleet will be available to ride in the CBD and The Strand areas, providing a convenient, cost-effective and socially-distanced way to travel in the city. 

Townsville riders will benefit from Neuron’s latest N3 e-scooters which have been purpose-built for safety and renting. They will launch with a range of world-first safety features and pioneering innovations including: our app-controlled helmet lock, geofencing control, a 000 emergency button, voice guidance, topple detection and a “Follow my Ride” function.

New riders can download our user-friendly app, from the App Store or Google Play and set it up in a matter of minutes. A solo trip will cost AU$1 to unlock the e-scooter and then 38 cents per minute. 

Our subscription service, Neuron Passes, is also available for frequent riders in three-day (AU$25), weekly (AU$33), or monthly (AU$89) options. Users can ride to their hearts’ content for up to 90 minutes per day for an affordable price, generating savings of up to 90%.

We’re really excited to see you soon on Townsville streets!

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