Neuron celebrates Earth Day 2021 with #GreenRider Challenge and Carbon Neutral certification!

We are encouraging our riders across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and South Korea to help cities reduce their carbon emissions by riding an e-scooter.

As part of our week-long #GreenRider Challenge, we will be announcing on Earth Day (22 April) the carbon emissions saved, based on the total distance travelled on Neuron’s e-scooters. All rides taken during the week will automatically contribute towards this challenge.

This initiative comes as we expand our focus on sustainability, with our global operations being certified by The Carbon Reduction Institute as a Carbon Neutral Service. As part of Neuron’s commitment to sustainability, we have also achieved NoCO2 certification, and are continuously investing in ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our business, and becoming certified as Carbon Neutral is just one of the many initiatives that strengthen our commitment to the environment. Our e-scooters are designed in-house and purpose-built for efficient and sustainable operations, this includes the world’s first battery swappable scooter, introduced in 2018. 

Our e-scooters’ 100% carbon neutral electricity charged batteries are easily replaced on the streets without having to transport the entire e-scooter to a charging point. They can be upgraded and refurbished throughout their life and last 2-5 times longer than many other e-scooters. At the end of their operational life the parts are reclaimed and recycled.

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