Our Brisbane e-scooters have been approved for another 12 months!

Brisbane City Council has extended the Neuron e-scooter programme for a further 12 months

Great news! Our distinctive orange e-scooters will officially remain on Brisbane streets for another 12 months. Our latest and safest N3 e-scooters have been operating in Brisbane since August 2019 and have since been continually upgraded with a range of innovative features.

Brisbane was the first city to maximise geofencing, allowing control of where and how fast users can ride. Our world-first app-controlled Helmet Lock was also developed after discussions with Brisbane City Council. The feature secures a safety helmet to the e-scooter, electronically releasing it to use at the start of the trip. This innovation was designed to make more helmets available to riders, and since its introduction, helmet usage has increased to over 85 per cent!

Our e-scooters have continued to be available in Brisbane throughout the coronavirus outbreak, with a range of measures to help protect riders and employees. This includes extra sanitisation of e-scooters during daily maintenance, deployment and battery swapping. In support of efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus, we have also been offering free monthly passes to the indispensable public health workers in Brisbane, to help them get where they are needed most. 

We’ve seen a range of benefits since our e-scooters were introduced, from helping tourists explore their city, to extending the range of locals so they can further support local businesses. This is crucial as the city begins its economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We look forward to seeing Brisbanites continuing to scoot to their favourite local spots in a safe, convenient and fun way!

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