UK Emergency Contact

United Kingdom

In the event of an emergency, firstly ensure that you and everyone involved are out of harm’s way. If you require immediate medical attention seek help from your local emergency services by calling 999. 

Once you are in a safe area, you may call the Neuron emergency number at +44 20 3870 3339. Please note that this line is strictly for users who require emergency safety-related assistance.

If you are involved in an accident:

  1. If any third parties are involved, then you must NOT RIDE AWAY. 
  2. As soon as reasonably possible, you should tell us by reporting it here or via the Help or feedback functions in our App as well as call our accident insurance provider, Zego, on 03300165772 for claims. 
  3. The insurer will ask a number of questions about the accident, such as when, where, and how it happened, and whether any third parties were involved. 
  4. You should not admit any fault or make any offers or promises etc. to any third party that was involved at any time without speaking to us or the insurance company first.
  5. You must stop if any property has been damaged or if anyone is injured and provide your name and address and insurance details to anyone who needs it (ie it is a Neuron scooter, insurance company is Zego and their number for claims is 03300165772).
  6. You should ask any other third party who is involved for a name, address, and their insurance details.

For non-urgent customer support, please contact us at: