Treat your loved ones to a memorable trip – we’ve launched ‘Group Rides’ in Australia and New Zealand!

The all-new service let’s riders unlock multiple scooters with one mobile phone!

Our Group Rides feature is now available across our Australian and New Zealand cities. With this great new service, a single rider can unlock and pay for up to five e-scooters on one account using a single mobile phone! So you now have the freedom to treat friends and family to a more environmentally-friendly way to travel short distances than gas-guzzling alternatives.

The new service, launched in BETA, is also aimed at groups of tourists, as not all travellers have a mobile phone or data. With just one phone you will be able to unlock up to five e-scooters to explore the city together in a safe, fun and cost-effective way. 

Riders will be able to book Group Rides through Neuron’s user-friendly app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and set up in a matter of minutes. Group Rides will cost AU$1 to unlock each e-scooter and 38 cents per minute thereafter. It can be used in conjunction with Neuron Passes, a subscription service, available with three-day (AU$25), weekly (AU$33), or monthly (AU$89) options. Users can ride to their hearts’ content for up to 90 minutes per day for an affordable price, generating savings of up to 90%.

The service is now available in Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide and Auckland. With Group Rides, users can create great city memories, whether it’s fun trips with friends or even romantic riding for couples!

Try the Neuron app today!

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