Neuron launches Helmet Selfie campaign in Korea to incentivise helmet use!

Riders who take a “Helmet Selfie” will be awarded more incentives, effectively waiving the unlocking fee for their next ride

Our riders can now protect themselves and follow the law while earning more free e-scooter credits! Simply put on a safety helmet and take a photo through our world-first in-app “Helmet Selfie” feature before riding our e-scooters. By doing this during the campaign, riders can earn a 1,000 KRW incentive, which will effectively waive the unlocking fees for their next ride.   

To encourage helmet use, the campaign was launched a month following the implementation of Korea’s revised Road Traffic Act, which makes it mandatory for all e-scooter riders to wear a safety helmet. Users caught riding without wearing a helmet risk a 20,000 KRW fine.

Just like seat belts for drivers, helmets are the single most important piece of safety equipment for e-scooter riders. Our e-scooters are equipped with the world’s first app-controlled Helmet Lock, ensuring the availability of helmets especially for safety-conscious riders. Other pioneering safety features include: geofencing technology, topple detection, a 119 emergency button, voice guidance, a “Follow my Ride” function and more. 

According to a recent survey conducted by Neuron and the Citizens’ Coalition for Safety, almost one in two riders believe that safety helmets should be provided by e-scooter operators. Since helmet use became mandatory by law, our ridership in Seoul and Ansan has increased by 40% to 60%.

Never let a bad hair day stop you from protecting yourself because safety never goes out of style. Take a “Helmet Selfie” today!

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