Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We have partnered with leading insurer HDI Global SE, Australia to give our riders an added peace of mind when riding with Neuron. This industry-leading insurance includes both personal accident and third-party liability cover, offering added protection to both Neuron riders and the broader community.

Neuron has arranged insurance for your protection:

    • There is no cost for this insurance, it is provided by Neuron
    • This insurance is underwritten and administered by HDI Global SE, Australia

2. How to make a Claim

If you’ve been in an accident while riding Neuron or as a third party, you can initiate the claims process by:

    • Submitting an Incident Report Form; or
    • Completing an incident report via the “Help” section of the Neuron app.

4. General Exclusions

Please take careful note of all the important exclusions that apply to this ride insurance. You should refer to the Policy Summary (see point 1 above) for more details of these exclusions. 

Importantly, these exclusions include the following:

For injuries to a rider (personal accident)

(a) no cover will be provided:

    • if the rider is under 16 years of age (please note that local laws or Neuron’s Terms of Service require that riders be at least 18 years old in some locations)
    • if a rider was not wearing a helmet;
    • for a rider who had a blood alcohol content over the prescribed legal driving limit;
    • for a rider who was under the influence of any drug, unless the drug was prescribed by a Medical Practitioner and taken in accordance with the Medical Practitioner’s advice; or
    • where an accident results from a rider being in breach of any specific local restrictions and/or road rules or in breach of Neuron’s Terms of Service or Riding Rules.

For injuries or damage to third parties (third party liability)

(a) no cover will be provided if:

    • the rider was not authorised to use the Neuron vehicle;
    • the rider used the Neuron vehicle for commercial purposes; or
    • the third party was a passenger on the Neuron vehicle

(b) the insurer will be entitled to be reimbursed by the rider for any amounts paid to a third party in connection with an accident to the extent it was caused by:

    • the rider’s breach of local traffic laws or regulations; or
    • the rider being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.