Let your family and friends follow your ride for added safety during your trip!

The all-new Follow My Ride feature allows a Neuron user to share their location online, in real time, with someone else during an e-scooter trip

Our Follow My Ride feature is now available across all our Australian and New Zealand cities. This new safety feature compliments Neuron’s existing 000/111 Emergency Button which helps call the emergency services if the e-scooter detects an fall.

The Follow My Ride service was developed by Neuron after discussions with a female focus group, to provide added security while riding e-scooters alone. The feature was innovated to make riders feel more confident and safe during night time trips, while also providing extra reassurance to friends and family.

Neuron users can take advantage of Follow My Ride by simply choosing a contact from their phone to share their location with while on a trip. The sharing status will always be visible in the app, so riders can see whenever they are sharing their location with a friend. The location data is only used during the ride, and sharing can be stopped at any time or stops automatically when a trip has ended.

The service is now available in Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide and Auckland. With Follow My Ride, users can now ride with confidence knowing a loved one can monitor their trip!

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