Safety is at the heart of everything we do. We have partnered with Zego to give our riders an added peace of mind when riding with Neuron. This insurance includes both personal accident and third party liability cover, offering added protection to both Neuron riders and the broader community.

Neuron has arranged insurance for your protection:

  • There is no cost for this insurance, it is provided by Neuron
  • This insurance is underwritten by La Parisienne Assurances and administered by Zego (the trading name of Extracover Limited)

1. Policy Documentation

2. How to make a Claim

  • As soon as reasonably possible after any accident you should call Zego on 03300165772.
  • The insurer will ask a number of questions about the accident, such as when, where, and how it happened, and whether any third parties were involved.
  • You should not admit any fault or make any offers or promises etc. to any third party that was involved at any time without speaking to us or the insurance company first.
  • You must stop if any property has been damaged or if anyone is injured and provide your name and address and insurance details to anyone who needs it (ie it is a Neuron scooter, insurance company is Zego and their number for claims is 03300165772).
  • You should ask any other third party who is involved for a name, address, and their insurance details.

General Exclusions

Please take careful note of the important exclusions that apply to this ride insurance. You should refer to the applicable Policy Wording (see above) for full details of these exclusions.  They include importantly that no cover will be provided under the policy if:

  • the rider fails to wear a helmet while riding
  • the rider is under 18 years of age
  • the rider does not have the necessary driving licence
  • the rider is under the influence of alcohol while riding (with blood alcohol content over the proscribed legal limit) or under the influence of any other drug (unless taken as prescribed and as advised by a doctor or specialist)
  • the rider was using the scooter for commercial purposes
  • there is more than one passenger on the scooter
  • the loss results from an accident or incident caused by riding in breach of any specific local restrictions or in breach of Neuron’s Terms of Service or Riding Rules.