Ride Safely

United Kingdom

Riding Rules

#ScootSafe with Neuron in the United Kingdom! Below is just a summary, for a complete list please refer to your local Riding Rules.

Riders must at least be 18 years old.

You must have a provisional or driving licence.

Riding is allowed on low-speed roads,
on-road cycle lanes and tracks, not on pavements*.

Wear a helmet**, follow the laws and ride carefully, particularly in busy areas.

Maintain a safe distance between riders and pedestrians. Don’t tailgate.

Give way to pedestrians and mobility devices (such as wheelchairs) at all times.

Only one rider allowed per e-scooter, and no tandem riding with children.

Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.

Park responsibly, don’t obstruct access areas, don’t park too close to a junction.

* Check local riding rules for exceptions.
** Every Neuron e-scooter is equipped with a safety helmet. We strongly recommend you wear a helmet to protect yourself.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Partnership

To lead the way in best practice for rental e-scooter safety in Britain, we have co-developed safety guidelines and courses with RoSPA, the UK’s leading accident prevention charity, which has been at the heart of accident prevention for more than 100 years.

Here are some additional e-scooter safety guidelines from RoSPA:

  1. Before you start off, take out any earphones; 
  2. Wear some bright clothing to make yourself more visible to others; 
  3. Put your helmet on properly – this means fitting the chin strap and securing it so that the helmet doesn’t wobble around and fits across your forehead, not on the top or back of your head;
  4. Think about your ability to ride in bad weather e.g. heavy rain, lightning storms, hail, very windy conditions, through large puddles, heavy snow, and icy conditions;
  5. Check behind you before setting off; if you are OK to ride, look over your right shoulder and if it is safe to do so, move off.
  6. Place both hands on the handlebars and keep them there until the end of the journey; 
  7. Look at the roadway ahead, not at the scooter itself, this sounds obvious but people can struggle with this, especially at slow speeds; Always ride so that you can avoid obstacles and items in the road e.g. potholes, broken drains, litter etc. 
  8. Please don’t use the scooter for racing, tricks, stunts, or in any other manner other than for personal transport; 
  9. You must follow all applicable traffic rules, and any other relevant laws and regulations, you can be fined or prosecuted, the same as if you were riding a motorbike or driving a car – you can get points on your license if you are really bad!
  10. Remember to park correctly and safely. Even though the scooters are bright orange, e-scooters are new to our streets and partially-sighted people may struggle to identify you. Guide dogs may take a while to understand how to communicate what to do with their human when they see one, so please be very considerate;
  11. Turning right on a busy road could be the most complicated thing that you might have to do safely. If in doubt, pull in, get onto the pavement and cross the road as a pedestrian;

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