Neuron partners with Citizens’ Coalition for Safety to promote e-scooter safety in Korea!

We have teamed up the Citizens’ Coalition for Safety (CCS) to enhance rider safety and improve road conditions for e-scooters.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Neuron and the  partnership with CCS will help us further lead the way in best practices for rental e-scooter safety. They are a 25-year-old local nonprofit organization with 20,000 members across the country that all share the aim to minimise accidents and injury in Korea.

CCS is focused on two critical areas of rider safety – rider education and a safe road environment. We will be focusing our rider education efforts on safe riding and helmet use in accordance with the upcoming revisions to the Road Traffic Act, which comes into effect on 13 May.

Together with CCS, we will work closely with the relevant authorities to improve cycle lanes and road conditions, enhancing the overall safety and riding experience for e-scooter users. CCS will also review and certify Neuron’s rider educational materials, and conduct regular evaluations of our safety data in Korea.

Our e-scooters are equipped with the world’s first app-controlled helmet lock to ensure the availability of safety helmets as well as an impressive range of pioneering safety innovations including topple detection, a 119 emergency button, voice guidance to educate and warn riders on how to ride safely, a ‘Follow my Ride’ function, and the use of geofencing technology to control where e-scooters can be ridden and parked, and how fast they can travel.

We look forward to offering the safest e-scooter experience in Korea with our new safety partner, CCS!

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