Park Responsibly

Safe Parking

We can all do our part to keep our city’s streets safe and tidy. Using dedicated e-scooter parking zones, you can even earn a discount for your next ride!
Please refer to
Riding Rules for more information on your local parking guidelines.

 Follow local parking guidelines*.

Don’t park less than 75cm from the kerb.

Don’t block access to ground service indicators – park at least 1.5m away.

Park scooters into groups of 5 or less 
at designated parking stations.

Don’t park near cycle stations.

Don’t leave e-scooters where they can obstruct others.

Don’t obstruct fire and 
emergency infrastructure.

Don’t park near intersections, 
bus stops, vehicle crossings, 
accessways or service lanes.

Don’t park next to a taxi stop, 
loading bay or school zone.

*Rules may vary in some locations.

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