Neuron launches campaign to promote responsible parking in Korea!

We will be giving away 200 million KRW worth of e-scooter incentives to encourage riders to park responsibly

We have launched a Responsible Parking campaign in Korea to help keep our city’s streets safe and tidy. Through a series of rider education initiatives, we want to remind our riders to park the e-scooters in a responsible manner, having regard for other path users, especially people with disabilities.

Using multiple channels including in-app notifications and a new Safe Rider Quiz on Responsible Parking, riders can now easily learn more about their city’s parking guidelines. They are available on the Neuron app, and free incentives of 5,000 KRW will be awarded to the first 40,000 riders upon completing the quiz. 

Geofencing technology has been deployed to set up over 250 incentivised preferred parking zones as well as 175 no parking zones across Seoul and Ansan. Our topple detection feature – which has been well-received by pedestrians and accessibility advocates – alerts Neuron’s operations team if an e-scooter has been left on its side so it can quickly be repositioned safely.

Our campaign will support the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s efforts to eliminate illegally parked e-scooters from the city’s streets. Through rider education and product innovation, Neuron continues to lead the way in e-scooter safety, promoting safe riding as well as responsible parking in Korea.

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