Neuron advances safety leadership as regulations tighten in Korea!

Koreans are increasingly embracing our safety-first e-scooters following the enforcement of new laws

In just under six months since our launch in Korea, we have continued to lead the way in e-scooter safety, playing a crucial part in shaping the perception on helmets, which are now mandatory under the revised Road Traffic Act. As the only operator to offer integrated helmets on every single e-scooter, along with a range of pioneering safety features, we strongly believe that all riders should have the option to protect themselves. 

In a recent Maeil Business article Neuron was described as the ‘original e-scooter company with a helmet’. Quoted in the article, our CEO, Zachary Wang, welcomed the new regulations stating that safety is a crucial factor for micromobility. He said: “We feel strongly that it is the responsibility of every company to protect its customers and to reduce the risks of its products as much as possible.” He envisages more regulations and a better managed and more sustainable industry in the next few years.

Examining the impact of the new laws on the industry, the Korea Economic Daily reported that those operators not offering helmets had experienced a decline in usage by up to 50%. Bucking the trend with the world’s first app-controlled Helmet Lock, Neuron’s ridership is on a steady rise – a testament to how Koreans are embracing Neuron’s safety-first approach.

We look forward to continuing our partnerships with local governments and cities in Korea to operate our e-scooters in the safest, most responsible way!

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