How to Use Neuron App


How to Use Neuron App

Seen our orange scooters around but not too sure how to start? Fret not, here's a quick guide for you to follow.

Step 1: Download the app

Team Android or Team iPhone? Regardless which camp you are in, we got you covered! To begin, simply download the free, Neuron Share app from your app store.

Step 2: Scan QR code

After installing and registering for an account, you can start unlocking the scooter by launching the app and scanning the QR code label on it. If you are not in the vicinity of any scooter, simply use the map on our app to locate one! They are represented by the bright, orange scooter icon.

Step 3: Start scooting

Once you have unlocked your scooter, you are good to go! It’s really easy to ride it, but if it’s your first time trying, do look out for some of these basic safety tips. For more information, do refer to our user guide.


Step 4: Return to station and end trip in-app

Once you have completed your journey, you are reminded to return the scooter to a parking station and end your trip in-app! Parking stations are represented by the giant orange ‘P’ symbol on the map and there are plenty of them within our zone of operations. A convenience fee may be charged according to the respective city regulations if the scooters are not returned to the designated zones.

And you are done! It’s that simple.

Till your next ride, see you soon!

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5 safety tips for your next electric scooter ride


5 safety tips for your next electric scooter ride

Get familiar with these tips for a #SaferRide

The use of Personal Mobility Devices (PMD), such as electric scooters has been growing in popularity across the world. Whether is it for daily commutes or delivery of goods, they have changed the way we live and travel. At Neuron, safety is our top priority.

To ensure better public safety and minimise the risk of accidents happening, here are 5 simple tips which you can follow for a #SaferRide.

1. One rider per scooter

The more the merrier, but not on a scooter! The current Neuron scooters are designed for individual use. When the weight is overloaded, it might cause the scooter to go off-balance, making it more prone to accidents. So remember – one at a time!

#SaferRide tips - One rider at a time
It’s always fun to scoot in a group, but remember – one rider per scooter

2. Obey all laws

Regardless whether we are crossing the street as a pedestrian or driving on the roads, we need to abide by the traffic laws and it’s the same for scooter riders! With the increasing use of such PMDs, different cities have adapted different forms of regulations. As members of the public, it is our duty to obey such laws for a safer community.

#SaferRide tips - Obey all laws
In Singapore, the speed limit permitted on footpaths are capped at 10km/h (Source: LTA)

3. Pay attention to your surroundings

Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings while riding! The rule of thumb is to ditch any form of distractions. Any activities that impede your hearing or sight, could increase the risk of overlooking potential hazard. Such examples include wearing headphones or taking a call, while on the road.

#SaferRide tips - Pay attention to surroundings
Be a responsible rider by paying attention to your surroundings

4. Lookout for uneven, protruding and wet surfaces

Uneven surfaces such as potholes and bumps could be a potential hazard for riders, especially for those who are going on a higher speed. Be sure to keep a lookout for such road hurdles and slow down your speed or stop when necessary. Wet surfaces after a rainy day might also cause roads to be extra slippery, so be aware!

#SaferRide tips - Lookout for uneven, protruding and wet surfaces
Slow and steady! Always keep an eye out for uneven surfaces

5. Park at preferred parking stations

End the trip responsibly by parking your scooter at a preferred parking station! It is never a nice sight to have bikes or scooters lying around and obstructing the way. Besides, these stations can be easily spotted and located within the app. So let’s do our part for a more pleasant and safer travel journey for all. #SaferRide

#SaferRide tips - Park at preferred parking stations
E-scooter parking zones in Bangkok

Have another safety tip to share? Tag us with the hashtag #SaferRide and follow us on
Facebook and Instagram at @neuron_mobility!

Try the Neuron app today!

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