New feature! Reserve a scooter with Neuron


New feature! Reserve a scooter with Neuron

You can now reserve a scooter for up to 15 mins at no extra charges.

Remember that moment when you wanted take a ride on a scooter but couldn’t find one? Or the experience where someone beat you to a scooter right down the road, probably just metres away? We feel you.

Fresh from our latest app update (v3.9.1), we have recently introduced a brand new product feature for scooter reservations! You can now reserve a scooter for free for up to 15 minutes, with no extra charges. 

So how does it work?

Neuron user map in-app

Open your Neuron app as per usual and click on your preferred scooter on the map. Apart from the scooter’s distance estimate and battery status, you will also now see an orange ‘RESERVE’ button. Simply click on it and the scooter is reserved for you!

Neuron reserved scooter

Once a scooter is reserved, no one else would be able to unlock it for the next 15 minutes. The app will also display a countdown timer to show you the estimated reservation time left! When the 15 minutes reservation time expires, anyone can unlock it again.

Do note that each user is entitled to 3 reservations per day and you can only make one reservation at any time. Canceling a reservation will also count against the daily individual limit. 

Gone are the days of seeing your preferred scooter getting snatched right under your nose. Go ahead and make your first scooter reservation with Neuron!

Try the Neuron app today!

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Take the #SaferRide in Brisbane


Take the #SaferRide in Brisbane

5 quick safety tips for your next scooter ride

1. Helmets first

Do you need to wear a helmet while riding an e-scooter in Brisbane? If you ever had any doubts, the answer is yes! It is mandatory by local laws for all riders to wear a helmet. Anyone caught without a helmet while riding can be fined $130. 

Helmets On
Helmets on and you’re ready to go

All Neuron scooters have a helmet attached. Rule of thumb – make sure you strap on and buckle up before you start the ride! If you spot a scooter missing a helmet, you can also report it to us by scanning the QR code of the scooter. Our operations team will be on the ground as soon as possible to top them up. Similarly, if you spot a stray helmet, you can also let us know about it via any of our social channels, on Facebook or Instagram

Helmets On
Helmets on for a #SaferRide 

2. One at a time

No doubling up when you’re on a scooter! Our current N3 scooters are designed for individual use. When the weight is overloaded, it might cause it to go off-balance, making it more prone to accidents. So remember – just one at a time!

One Time
One at a time

3. Watch your speed

The Queensland road rules state that the speed limit for rideables, such as e-scooters are capped at a maximum speed of 25km/h. Not to worry if you are on a Neuron scooter as the default speed on our scooters are set to the first mode at 15km/h. The maximum speed on our scooters are capped at 25km/h. You can also refer to how fast you’re going from our scooter dashboard.

Shouldn’t be this quick on a scooter

To further ensure the safety for all users, we have geofencing technology to set up designated speed zones across the Brisbane CBD. Once a scooter enter such Low Speed Zone (denoted by the shaded area in yellow on our in-app map), our scooter will automatically reduce its speed. Nevertheless, it is always important to stay alert and look out for any pedestrians or oncoming traffic.

4. Off the road
This might not be exactly Old Town Road, but the Brisbane roads are definitely not for any horses or scooters. When you’re on a scooter, keep off the road at all times. The only time when you are permitted to do so is when crossing the road or to avoid obstructions on footpaths.

Old Town Road
Even on Old Town Road, no scooters allowed


5. Kerbside, best side

Where should you end a trip after completing a ride? We have parking stations located across the city (denoted by the parking P icon) and we strongly encourage all riders to practice considerate riding habits by returning to these locations (PS: There’s a little reward when you return the scooters there!).

When parking the scooters, always park it near the kerbside (at least 75cm away from kerb)  and avoid blocking any footpaths. It is never a nice sight to have scooters or bicycles lying around and obstructing the way. If you happen to spot any non-compliant parking, do contact us through our social channels and our operations team will attend to it as soon as possible. 

Game of Thrones
Would ya park on the kerbside?

Let’s do our part for a more pleasant and safer travel journey for all.

Try the Neuron app today!

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6 Halloween costume inspirations for 2019


6 Halloween costume inspirations for 2019

Spook and scoot to your next Halloween Party!

 Still figuring out what Halloween costume to dress up in? Fear not, we got you covered. Here’s a list of our favourite costume inspirations in 2019. Steal the look and rock out at your next Halloween party!

1. Pennywise, It Chapter Two

“It’s time to float!” 

What’s scarier than a clown? A dancing clown, perhaps. Based on the classic novel by Stephen King, Pennywise is probably one of the most iconic characters from modern day horror films. All you need is a face paint and some red balloons to pass off as the evil clown from Derry. 

Pennywise from IT

2. Stranger Things

Probably Netflix’s most successful series, Stranger Things is also one of the most popular, go-to shows for Halloween costumes inspirations. There are plenty of iconic characters and moments throughout its three seasons to choose from – think Eleven with her favourite eggo waffles to Steve’s Scoops Ahoy uniform.

Eleven and the gang from Netflix's Stranger Things

But our favourite this year? Definitely Alexei and his 7/11 Cherry Slurpee. We’ve seen stranger things around but this definitely takes the cake.

Alexei from Stranger Things Season 3

3. Area 51

“Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us!”

Area 51 Meme

Well, we guess alien life matters too. The meme that became a global phenomenon in 2019 has also spawned various events across the world. ET? Alien raider? Whether you’re a skeptic or true believer, there’s definitely something for you to dress up as. 

4. Avengers

Avengers, assemble. Endgame was definitely a bittersweet end to Marvel’s most popular, long-running superhero franchise. The swansong episode also proved to be a rich source of jokes, memes and cultural references worldwide. Think Thanos, NoobMaster69, Fat Thor and the list goes on.

Thanos from Avengers Endgame

Safe to say that this was… inevitable.

5. Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine’s annual Halloween Heist is definitely one to remember. Why not kick it up a notch by dressing up as your favourite NYPD detective. Put on your best Captain Holt impersonation and lead your squad for a night out. Roger that?

Brooklyn Nine Nine

6. Joker

Who’s laughing now? Joaquin Phoenix’s stellar per

If dancing clown was never a thing, it is probably now. 

Now that you’ve settled on your costume, it’s time to think about getting to the party itself. Travel in style and ride with Neuron. It’s time to spook and scoot to your next party. Trust us, it isn’t as scary as it seems! 

Try the Neuron app today!

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7 Coffee spots to visit in Brisbane
Where to find the best places for coffee in Brisbane?

7 Coffee spots to visit in Brisbane


7 Coffee spots to visit in Brisbane

Our favourite go-to coffee spots in the capital city of Queensland

For most Australians, coffee isn’t just a daily caffeine fix, it’s a way of life. When it comes to a good cuppa joe, they know their stuff. While Melbourne is often dubbed the coffee capital of Australia, the coffee scene in the Brisbane is also on the grow. This International Coffee Day, we’ve curated a list of our favourite coffee spots in Brisbane city!

1. Coffee Anthology

Coffee Anthology
Cappuccino served in a Tiffany blue ceramic cup at Coffee Anthology (Photo by @love_kailyn)

Anthology refers to a collection of literary works chosen by the compiler, in this case, it’s coffee. Founded by Adam Wang in 2014, Coffee Anthology is located at Margaret Street, along the city’s towering CBD office blocks. 

Their coffee offering on the menu changes daily as Adam rotates and features blends, single origins from different roasters across the country.

Coffee Anthology
Brunch served right – Chili Scramble Egg with Smoked Salmon (Photo by @chuichatchavee)

126 Margaret Street, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 7am – 3:30pm, Saturday: 7.30am – 12noon, Sunday: Closed
Contact: Facebook, Instagram

2. John Mills Himself

John Mills Himself
Grab a cuppa on the go from John Mills Himself (photo by @maggieeatstoomuch)

Cafe by day, bar by night and housed within a heritage-listed warehouse, John Mills Himself (JMH) has transformed from Brisbane’s best kept secret to one of the city’s favourite coffee spots.

Their philosophy is for sustainable profit and they aim to maximise quality, environmental sustainability and best practice ethics.

John Mills Himself
Iced black with a dash of milk (photo by @nutsjourney_)

JMH offer a selection of locally roasted beans, on rotation. In addition to the standard espresso based drinks, they also serve V60 pour-overs and cold bottled coffee.

Complete your morning by pairing your coffee with a pastry baked fresh from Crust and Co and Leavain Bakeries.

Address: 40 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 6.30am – 3.30pm, 4-10pm, Saturday: 4-10pm, Sunday: Closed
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

3. Blackstar Coffee

Known for its signature cold-pressed, bottled coffee, Blackstar Coffee has grown from its humble beginnings at Davies Park Markets, expanding to 2 more outlets in West End.

Blackstar Coffee
Grab a bite and cuppa at Blackstar Coffee (photo by @coffzzlife)

Want to savour the same Blackstar brew in the comfort of your own home? You can also purchase beans for their signature house blend, as well as various brewing equipment.

Cold pressed coffee from Blackstar Coffee
Blackstar’s signature cold pressed, bottled coffee

44 Thomas St, West End QLD 4101, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7.00am – 5.00pm
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

4. Bunker Coffee

Bunker Coffee
Coffee bar at Bunker (photo by @imco.lau)

Bunker Coffee stays true to its name and it is located in an actual air raid bunker from World War II.

Bunker Coffee
One of the best hot chocolate in Brisbane (photo by @molly880221)

Aside from serving specialty coffee, customers can also get to enjoy some of Brisbane’s best hot chocolates in this little, cosy hole-in-the-wall.

Address: 21 Railway Terrace, Milton QLD 4064, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 6am – 3.30pm, Saturday: 6.30am – 12.30pm, Sunday: Closed
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

5. Brendan’s Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge

Brendan’s Cafe On The Goodwill Bridge
Coffee with a view (photo by @patjoejohn)

No prizes for guessing where you can find this cafe. Don’t be deceived by its unassuming look, the little shaded kiosk is probably Brisbane’s most unique coffee spots. 

Brendan's Cafe on the Goodwill Bridge
Enjoy the view from the Goodwill Bridge (photo by @triplemtri)

Using locally roasted beans from Merlo Coffee, pair your coffee with a selection of home-made bakes. Brendan and his dedicated team serves up one of the most scenic and memorable experiences, one could ever imagine.

Address:Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 5am – 2.30pm; Sunday: 5.30am – 6pm
Contact: Website, Facebook

6. Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme
When coffee calls (photo by @xe_nia)

Previously known as Day Made, the New Zealand roaster has been supplying some of Brisbane’s best cafes including Nodo, Scout and Alphabet. It’s flagship outlet at Woolloongabba offers a range of espresso, batch brew, cold filter, seasonal blends and rotating single origins.

Coffee Supreme
A cup of hot Americano (photo by @grassfedman)

Tucked with its chic furnishings and minimalist vibes, they also feature a diverse selection of brunch picks on their menu, from loaded croissants to signature burgers. Be sure to try out or add a dash of their signature naughty milk, which is made up of organic whole and sweetened condensed milk.

Address: 3c Gibbon St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 7am – 2pm
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

7. Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee
Coffee served with a golden spoon (photo by @ koospick)

The folks at Campos Coffee believes that coffee only taste good when it’s made ethically, sustainably and with care. As one of the OG cafes around Fortitude Valley, Campos Coffee has established themselves as one of the locals’ favourite.

For coffee snobs who are interested to learn more, they also organise cupping sessions in their bean bunker room over the weekends. Do check out their page for more details.

Address:887 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 6am – 4.30pm
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Getting there

Fancy a ride to these cafes? Good news. You can access these coffee spots in Brisbane with our Neuron scooters!
The scooters and parking stations can be found within the geofenced area around Brisbane CBD. It only cost A$1 to start and A$0.38 per minute, find out more details here. New to Neuron? Check out our how-to guide to get started. Stay safe and enjoy your rides!
Apart from speciality coffee, there’s so much more to explore in the city of Brisbane. Follow us on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) for the more updates.

Try the Neuron app today!

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Best buys from Cyberjaya’s Family Mart


Best buys from Cyberjaya’s Family Mart

Top 10 items to check out for your next late-night supper

FamilyMart is Japan’s second largest convenience store chain, with over 20,000 stores across Asia selling their world-famous ready-to-eat meals. They opened their doors in Malaysia in November 2016 and have been an absolute hit – expanding over 100 stores nationwide since then.

In July 2018, they launched their Cyberjaya outlet at
DPULZE Shopping Centre complete with all their familiar products. From their famous Odens to their ice cool frozen Frappés, here’s a list of items you must try at FamilyMart Cyberjaya!      

  1. Oden

    Oden, a popular Japanese one-pot dish, is the perfect snack to warm your bones on a cool day. Traditionally, it consists of ingredients such as boiled eggs and fish cakes served in a fragrant dashi broth. Its simple nature yet bold flavours make Oden a hit with almost anyone who has had the privilege of trying it. 

    Oden at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Oden set – Udon bowl with Korean Odeng Fish Cake and Ajitsuke Tamago (RM8.60)
    Oden at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Oden Menu at Family Mart

    At FamilyMart Cyberjaya, you can choose your starter bowl (from RM3) with the traditional soy-flavoured dashi or go for something a little more fiery, with their Tom Yam broth – a local favourite. Couple this with any of their plethora of ingredients – from their ajitsuke tamago (soft-boiled egg) to their fish cakes and chicken balls – and there you have yourself a delectable bowl of Oden!

  2. Onigiri

    If you are craving a quick snack to fill you up, look no further than FamilyMart’s selection of mouth-watering onigiris. This traditional Japanese stuffed rice ball is known for how convenient it is – and not to mention how delicious!

    You can choose between the tuna mayo, chicken and salmon versions of this classic dish, or go for their monthly limited-edition local flavours such as the otak-otak!

    Onigiri at Family Mart Cyberjaya_2
    Otak-Otak Onigiri (RM4.50)
  3. Dessert Sandwich
    Yes – dessert sandwiches are a thing! These scrumptious sandwiches, or sandos as they are known, are the perfect sweet treat to tantalise your taste buds. With fresh fruit and smooth cream sandwiched between soft shokupan bread, this popular Japanese delight will definitely leave you wanting more.
    Dessert Sandwich at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Dessert Sandwich (RM5.20)
  4. Hot Snacks

    If you are stopping by FamilyMart, don’t forget to try their array of hot snacks. They have a variety of mouth-watering options sure to please everyone – from standard dishes such as karaage chicken, curry puffs and cheese sausages, to more unique items like octopus tofu and vegetarian fish balls. You can even get fried chicken freshly made to order! 

    Hot Snacks at Family Mart Cyberjaya

    Selection of Hot Snacks, from RM2.90
  5. Bento Meals
    Like any good Japanese establishment should, FamilyMart serves up a selection of the popular Nippon staple: bento boxes. They offer customers a variety of these quintessential meal boxes, from teriyaki chicken, to Japanese curry and even soboro (minced chicken) – you will be spoilt for choice!
    Bento Boxes at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Ebi Chili Bento (RM10.90)

    What’s more, if you are a fan of local favours fret not, because FamilyMart offers Malaysian dishes like the nasi lemak and mee siam. All you have to do is grab a box off the shelf, get the FamilyMart staff to heat it up for you and you’re good to go!

  6. Soft-serve Ice Cream

    After you are done wolfing down FamilyMart’s savoury Japanese specialities, cleanse your palette with one of their refreshing ice-cream cones. These soft-serves are among the most popular items at FamilyMart, so be sure not to miss them. Their matcha and French vanilla flavours are available all year round, as well as some seasonal flavours, such as coconut, melon, cheese, sweet potato and more. These creamy treats are certainly indulgent – but they are absolutely delicious!

    Soft Serve Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Mediterranean Sea Salt Sofuto soft serve (RM2.90) Photo by meng888
  7. Frappes
    Cool off in the warm Malaysian weather with a refreshing, ice-cold frappé. Hidden gems in the vast FamilyMart stores, these frozen beverages are the perfect pick me up – both for their delightful taste and their novelty.

    Frappes at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Strawberry Frappe (RM8.90)

    Pick up a frozen frappé base from the freezer – either strawberry or cookie flavoured – and simply add hot milk or coffee at the counter to create your tasty frozen drink: all without a blender!

  8. Coffee
    Aside from the frappés, FamilyMart also boasts an array of options for coffee lovers. They have bottled coffee – ranging from home-grown brand UCC’s cold brew to Nescafé’s Smoovlatte range – and even freshly-brewed coffee, using their own speciality blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans.
    Bottled Coffee at Family Mart Cyberjaya

    Bottled coffee at at Family Mart

  9.  Flavoured Milk
    Another speciality available at FamilyMart Cyberjaya is Flavoured Milk. These Flavoured Milk drinks are produced by Binggrae – the Korean F&B conglomerate known for their range of unique products – and their light, silky-smooth texture makes them a top sell.
    Flavoured Milk in Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Binggrae Flavoured Milk from Korea (RM5.38)

    Available in the original Banana flavour as well as Melon and Strawberry, there is no way you will stop at one!

  10. Brown Sugar Milk
    Last, but certainly not least, is FamilyMart’s newest addition: their Brown Sugar Bubble Milk. For all those brown sugar Boba (pearl) lovers, this is definitely the drink for you. With the fresh creamy milk and brown sugar bubbles imported from Taiwan, this Bubble Milk will give any Boba drink out there a run for its money. Not to mention – it’s almost half the price of most brown sugar milk drinks sold here in Malaysia!
    Brown Sugar Milk at Family Mart Cyberjaya
    Brown Sugar Milk (RM4.90) Photo by Jess0620

Now of course, these are just some of the myriad of items that FamilyMart has to offer; there is so much more to choose from! So, what are you waiting for? Grab any of Neuron’s scooters located throughout Cyberjaya, ride on down to FamilyMart at DPULZE Shopping Centre and explore it for yourself today. Have a safe ride!  

Neuron Station at Family Mart in Cyberjaya
Neuron Parking station at D’PULZE

Enjoying your rides so far? Scoot and save more with our Neuron passes!


Try the Neuron app today!

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